X-Ray Scans

X-rays can penetrate soft tissue in the body, but don’t go through more dense tissue such as bones and many foreign objects. This allows your doctor to obtain clear images of your skeletal system.

X-Ray Scans at Montclair Radiology

During an X-ray scan, the technician will help you get into the best position for the scan to be taken. Depending on what you are having imaged, this position may require standing up, laying down, or twisting or bending your body in a certain way. You will need to stay still during the X-ray scan which will not take very long. If you do not feel comfortable in the necessary position, tell the technician, and he or she will help find a way to support your body so that you do not have to exert yourself to stay in the proper position.

X-rays do use low doses of radiation in order to obtain images. Some people worry that the radiation used during these tests is harmful; however, the amount of radiation is very minimal and the benefits of the test usually outweigh any risks. If there is a chance you are pregnant, though, you should let your doctor know. He or she may order a different test such as an ultrasound since a growing fetus is much more susceptible to radiation than an adult.

Types of X-Ray Scans we can do:

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