Doppler Exams

Doppler ultrasound exams are quick, painless, and non-invasive, but they provide your physician with important information about how your blood is flowing.

Doppler Exams at Montclair Radiology

Your doppler ultrasound will measure how fast your blood is flowing through your arteries and veins. It is often used in the arms and legs to detect blockages non-invasively. Although an ultrasound can’t show the blood in your veins, it can measure the change in sound frequency which shows how fast your blood is flowing. During the exam, a technician will put a cool gel on your skin and then press against it with an ultrasound wand.

Doppler ultrasounds are used to check for blood clots, poorly functioning valves in your leg veins, heart valve defects and congenital heart disease, a blocked artery, decreased circulation in your legs, bulging arteries, and narrowing of arteries.

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