CT Urography

CT Urography is a newly developed, specialized type of CT scan using the latest multi-detector scanner. It is used primarily for patients with hematuria (blood in the urine). The most common causes of hematuria include kidney stones as well as possible tumors in the kidney, ureter and/or bladder. Previously, to fully evaluate the source of hematuria, several different studies needed to be performed. Now all the most common causes for hematuria can be evaluated on this single exam. CT Urography is performed on a multi-detector CT scanner.

The multi-detector CT scanner is fast, taking about 15 seconds for image acquisition from the kidneys to the bladder while you hold your breath. This is performed before and twice after the administration of IV contrast. The CT scanner allows the Radiologist to see excellent 2 and 3 dimensional views of the urinary tract, assuring the most accurate diagnosis possible. The examination takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

You will be asked to have nothing to eat for 3 hours before the exam. (You will be given specific instructions by a Montclair Radiology staff member when you schedule your exam.)

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