Ultra Low Dose CT

Ultra Low Dose CT Scan

We have state of the art CT machines to minimize your radiation exposure during crucial tests. These low dose CT scans help your doctor get the information he or she needs while still protecting you from excess radiation.

Ultra Low Dose CT Scans at Montclair Radiology

While there is no conclusive evidence that small amounts of radiation like that of a CT scan can cause cancer, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious. We keep our equipment up-to-date to provide the lowest dose possible while still getting high quality images for your doctor.Our CT units use 60% less radiation the other CT units available.

When your doctor recommends a CT scan, he or she believes that the benefit of the test outweighs the potential risk from radiation. We encourage you to discuss the risks and. benefits with your doctor or radiologist and determine if alternative imaging tests may be able to diagnose your condition. If CT scan is your best diagnostic option, rest assured that our low dose CT will deliver the most minimal amount of radiation necessary to diagnose your condition.

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