Neurological Imaging

We offer a variety of neurological MRI options, all of which are quick and painless. These diagnostic imaging tests allow your doctor to learn about your brain, brain stem, and other parts of your head and spine, all in a 30-60 minute non-invasive procedure.

Neurological Imaging at Montclair Radiology

MRI has replaced certain CT scans for evaluating many neurological issues, including: brain cysts, tumors, stroke, infection, certain chronic disorders and many more. They are often requested by physicians when you report persistent headaches, dizziness, weakness, blurry vision, or seizures. We know that neurological issues need to be taken seriously and may require quick treatment from your physician. That’s why we complete your neurological MRI and send the results to your doctor as quickly as possible.

Some people worry about the safety of head MRIs, but they are safe, painless, non-invasive, and the best way for your doctor to see what is going on with your brain and brain stem. MRI doesn’t use harmful radiation to create images. Instead, strong magnetic fields and radiofrequency waves (the same kind used in radio transmissions) are used to create images. No harmful side effects have been reported with MRI. 

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