Breast Imaging


If your doctor suspects you may have cancer, he or she may require a biopsy of suspicious tissue. This process is safe, but depending on the specific type of biopsy, may require numbing the site with injection.

Breast Biopsy at Montclair Radiology

If you find a lump in your breast through a mammogram, ultrasound, or self-examination, it is likely that your doctor will order a breast biopsy. The breast biopsy procedure could be as simple as the doctor injecting a fine needle (thinner than that used to draw blood) to collect a sample to a biopsy that is done during an MRI to obtain a larger sample. The type of abnormality found will determine the type of biopsy required. 

In addition to breast biopsy, we do other types of biopsy as well. They are similar to the breast biopsy, and involve the removal of cells (a few or many depending on the needs) with a needle or other slightly more invasive procedure. Although a biopsy may seem scary, it is the only way for your doctor to test whether or not cells are cancerous, and most patients feel very little with the numbing agent.

Instructions for your Biopsy

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