Best MRI Options

The Most Powerful High-Field MRI

3T Siemens Verio Wide Bore

(2.3 feet wide)

SUPERB ORTHO AND NEURO IMAGES: Highest signal-to-noise ratio and dedicated coils provide superior clarity of brain, spine, knees, shoulders, hips, wrists, feet and ankles.

FAST AND COMFORTABLE EXAM: Shorter scan time means an easier test for patients who have pain, mobility problems, respiratory issues or limited time. Extra-wide openings to enhance patient comfort.

ADVANCE ABDOMINAL IMAGING: Offer superior clarity for female pelvis/gynecological studies, cancer detection and staging, and visualization of the liver and kidneys.

The Most Comfortable High-Field MRI

1.5T Siemens Espree Wide Bore

(2.3 feet wide)

IDEAL FOR CLAUSTROPHOBIC PATIENTS: With a short 4 feet tube, over 60% of studies can be done with the patient’s head outside of the magnet.

SPACIOUS TO ACCOMODATE LARGE PATIENTS: The opening is extra wide, with nearly a foot of space around the patient’s head.

CLEAR IMAGES: High-definition coils and special sequences provide high-resolution images.

The Most Powerful High-Field Open MRI

1.0T Philips Panorama Open

(5.25 feet wide)

IDEAL FOR CLAUSTROPHOBIC PATIENTS: The open design with a 5.25 foot bore and 360 degree open view offers 3x the space of traditional MRIs.

BEST OPEN MRI IMAGES: Superconducting magnet advance coil technology provides high-quality images compared to closed, high-field magnets.

POSITIVE EXPERIENCE: In addition to the open design, the Ambient Experience provides a soothing environment using light and sound.

The Most Quiet High-Field MRI

1.5T Toshiba Vantage MRI

QUIET: Patented PianissimoTM technology provides significant acoustic noise reduction, resulting in a less stressful patient experience.

COMFORTABLE: The short 4.6 foot tube provides a comfortable patient experience.

EXCELLENT IMAGING: High-resolution imaging available for a wide array of studies including brain, chest, abdomen, cardiac imaging, orthopedic imaging and MR Angiography.

Montclair Radiology accommodates patients up to 550 pounds.

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