3T MRI: The Latest Addition to the World Class Technology at Montclair Radiology

Montclair Radiology is transforming medical tests in a life-changing way, by offering patients 3T MRI scans at both their West Caldwell and new Jersey City locations. This state-of-the- art 3T MRI is the latest high-tech addition to the world-class family of scans at Montclair Radiology, offering a non-invasive, painless magnetic resonance imaging test that uses the most advanced MRI available today. The high definition images produced by the 3T MRI depict a greater degree of anatomic detail than previously possible. This allows for more accurate diagnosis across a wide range of disorders in different areas of the body – from the musculoskeletal system to the brain, spine, abdomen, and pelvis. Physicians also love the 3T MRI since it offers them a high degree of confidence in surgical and therapeutic planning. The 3T MRI not only provides exquisite images, but also makes the MRI exam much faster and more comfortable for the patient. The 3T Scan offers the most patient friendly design, with a 70 cm opening, which is the largest available. This means the wider opening can help accommodate patients with claustrophobia, as well as larger patients. Montclair Radiology has the very best in all classes of MRI units. In Montclair, the 1.5T is also the shortest in length, and at 70 cm, has the largest opening of any 1.5T MRI scanner. This means that in 60% of exams, the patient’s head is not inside the MRI machine. Montclair Radiology also has one of the very few local high-field OPEN MRI machines, the 1.0 T, which is an open MRI but produces the highest quality images. It is ideal for patients who are claustrophobic or who have had intense anxiety during prior closed MRI’s. Montclair Radiology is thrilled to announce they have an MRI unit for any type of patient – as one size does not fit all. The future of technology is here – and Montclair Radiology, the trusted facility for over 75 years in New Jersey, has now added the 3T MRI, which is the gold standard for all your imaging tests today.

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